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10 Beautiful Cleopatra’s Underwater Palace from Egypt

French underwater archaeologist

Don’t you hear about Cleopatra? The beautiful lady, last active Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt! Look at these classic pictures from the shores of Alexandria, Cleopatra’s underwater palace from Egypt. It’s awesome.

10 Unbelievable Underwater Volcanoes

Ash plume from underwater volcano Hunga Ha'apai

Volcanoes, sometimes we used to see with great fear also with great curiosity. Around 5000+ active underwater volcanoes are there all over the world. We have added images of 10 Unbelievable Underwater Volcanoes here in this article, have a look.

25 Awesome Pictures of Coral Reef


25 awesome images of coral reef which is really beautiful. If you like any of the pictures of coral reef please live your comments.